Outlook Mac Recovery

Perform Quick Repairing operation on corrupted emails of OLM file and convert it into the EML format if required.

Processor - 1 GHz processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)
Memory - 1 GB RAM
Disk Space - Around 4.82 MB for installation
  • Quickly recover data from the corrupted OLM file format and convert it into the EML file as per the requirement.
  • No need to learn extra technical skills to perform the recovery and conversion operation, you can easily perform the recovery if you know the basic.
  • No restriction on the size and number of OLM file, with it you recover data from the OLM file of any size.
  • Provides additional option for naming convention, with it you can choose naming based on GUID or Subject wise.
  • Quick, Simple and single panel GUI, which makes the recovery and Conversion operation easier.
  • Supported by all the versions of Microsoft Outlook and Windows Operating System, One thing to be noted that it is not supported by Mac OS.

Recover OLM file within a few clicks

Outlook Mac Recovery software can easily recover the data from the Corrupted OLM and can convert the repaired OLM file into the EML file format if it is required.

No restriction on the Size of OLM file

There is no restriction on the size of OLM file, With the help of this Outlook Mac Recovery utility, you can easily perform the recovery of OLM file of any size.

Maintain Folder Hierarchy of Emails

Outlook Mac Recovery software retains folder hierarchy of email folders. The way messages were saved into OLM folders, they will be saved into resultant folders having EML files for every mail. Also, maintaining folder hierarchy is an optional feature in the tool that can be enabled or disabled as per requirement.

Naming Conventions for EML Files

Naming conventions are meant for managing the output. The software is integrated with two different naming convention options: 'Save as Subject' where the messages are saved with respective subject line or 'Save as GUID' where a unique identifier is created by the application for EML files.

Recover Multiple Outlook OLM Files

With Outlook Mac Recovery software to recover data from OLM files, there is no limitation on the number of files that can be added to the tool and recovered. At a time, a user is allowed to add only one file and recover emails from it. Nevertheless, the software allows adding 'N' number of files for recovery.

Read OLM Emails on Linux Platform

Email clients on Linux OS like Thunderbird, Sea Monkey etc. supports an EML file. OLM messages converted into EML can be imported into supported mail clients that gives an enhanced exposure to the Outlook 2011 mailbox data on different OS and mail platforms without any data loss.

Preserve Metadata of Every Message

While the Outlook Mac Recovery recovers emails from corrupt OLM file and exports it to EML files, it ensures that metadata of every message is preserved. The sender, receiver, attachments, date/time etc. of the OLM emails remains intact after recovery from OLM file.

Create an Export Report on Screen

Outlook Mac Recovery software gives a live status of email export process. The information includes the count of mails that have been exported, the folder processed by the tool and its path, and the subject of processing mail. The details will be available on the software pane itself and gives estimation of task completion.

Easy Graphical User Interface

The OLM recovery software has easy Graphical User Interface. You don't need to have any additional technical skills to perform the required recovery operation.

Supported by all the Windows editions

The OLM Recovery software is supported by all the windows editions, One thing to be noted that the software is not compatible with the Mac OS, because it is specially designed for Windows OS.

What Our Customers Say...

Once I was facing an error while opening my Mac Outlook, after putting all the efforts I was still not able to open my Outlook, then one of my close friends suggests me to use Outlook Mac Recovery, that has successfully repaired the Error.

— Mariah Allen, Italy

Amazing tool!! I wanted to convert my complete data of OLM file into the EML file and tools works fine for me. It saves lots of time, Thanks a lot for such an amazing tool.

— John Anderson, Germany